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StealthMail’s Expanded Email Security and Compliance Solution Helps Companies Address Unforeseen GDPR Violation Risks

StealthMail’s Expanded Email Security and Compliance Solution Helps Companies Address Unforeseen GDPR Violation Risks
  • Email is the main infiltration vector in 96% of cyber attacks. The use of standard email violates up to a dozen of the EU GDPR articles.
  • StealthMail’s email privacy solution secures sensitive data and information transferred via email and makes it undetectable by hackers, mail relays, and Public Internet.

October 10, 2018 / San Francisco, CA – StealthMail, an email security and privacy compliance company, introduces an expansion of its military-grade solution to help companies comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The expansion of StealthMail’s cybersecurity tool will allow organizations to defeat existing information security and data privacy threats associated with the use of regular email as well as prevent crushing non-compliance penalties.

Being a Microsoft One Commercial Partner, StealthMail’s solution boasts seamless integration. The expanded military-grade security and compliance tool is co-marketed with the Microsoft Azure Cloud to bring the Stealth Technology to enterprises in both the EU and the US.

Making Email Data Undetectable to Hackers

Organizations and individuals fail to acknowledge numerous vulnerabilities of email. The security of information sent via email resembles a handwritten message on a postcard, as both are transferred using unsecured mail relay servers in plain unencrypted text. StealthMail is fully committed to developing GDPR-compliant email security solutions that will allow sending stealth emails with data undetectable to hackers, mail relays, and Public Internet.

This is made possible through the use of patented Stealth Technology that enables the exchange of emails without the transfer of any user data whatsoever. The data is encrypted and stored in the secure company-controlled environment. The access to the end-to-end encrypted email is granted only to authorized users via a secure channel. Its content never goes through vulnerable mail relay servers.

The Use of Regular Email Violates Up to 15 GDPR Articles and Accounts for 96% of Cyber Attacks

Email is the cornerstone of business communication. Its security and reliability play a crucial role in any organization. Curiously, existing email protocol dates back to the early 1980s, and its security and privacy standards have been past due for years. There are approximately 10 million mail relay servers which are used to transfer emails, 90% of which run on open source software and half of them are known to have had some critical security vulnerabilities. These unprecedented protocol flaws lead to email becoming the prime vector used by hackers in 96% of cyber attacks to breach company security worldwide.

With the recent implementation of data privacy driven regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR, the potential consequences of using the outdated email technology can have a devastating effect. What the majority of organizations do not realize is that by using regular email and failing to recognize the implications, they are violating privacy legislation and putting themselves at a very costly legal risk. To be more specific, the transfer of personal information over standard email violates up to 15 GDPR articles, not to mention the regulations like Reg FD, SOX, GLBA, and others.

“Regular email is by far the number one data security risk organizations face in the wake of GDPR and other recent legislation,” says Dima Bull, CEO of StealthMail. “We want to both bring awareness to this problem, and give individuals, corporations and government organizations a way to solve it.”

Steve Wozniak, in fact, is working on solving the same SMTP issue through his Electronic Frontier Foundation. Collectively, it is the initiatives such as this and StealthMail’s that will pave the way to the resolution of burning email privacy and security issues.

About StealthMail

The StealthMail team has been developing military-grade solutions for clients from the United States, Europe, and the Middle East over the last 12 years. The team invented and patented military-grade Secure Dynamic Communication Network and Protocol. More at StealthMail.com.


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