Remote Access Trojan: RAT That Won’t Flee a Ship After Sinking It RATs Which Won’t Flee a Ship After Sinking It

24. November 2020

Brief analysis of Remote Access Trojans or simply RATs. What this malware does, who gets exposed to it the most, and how you can protect yourself against it.

Email Compliance Regulations: Ensuring Data ProtectionEmail Compliance Regulations: Ensuring Data Protection

23. September 2020

Look into email compliance regulations to define a solution that’ll fit best within your goals as lack of one may entail penalties for improper data processing.

How to be HIPAA Compliant with Email Encryption SoftwareHow to be HIPAA Compliant with an Email Encryption Software

2. September 2020

The Healthcare industry has always been in a high-risk area. This area is Cybercrime. Email encryption software is an anchored way on how to be HIPAA compliant.

ITAR Compliance: Understanding the Regulation’s RequirementsITAR Compliance: Understanding the Regulation’s Requirements

11. August 2020

Discover why ITAR compliance matters, what does it take organizations to be compliant with the ITAR requirements, and how to ensure technical data protection.

Regulatory Compliance: Is This Enough to Ensure Security?Regulatory Compliance: Is This Enough to Ensure Security?

7. August 2020

Regulatory compliance is implemented to protect someone or something. In cybersecurity, one is achieved with a specialized tool. Technological, to be correct.

How to Send a Secure Email Without Sending the Email at AllHow to Send a Secure Email Without Sending the Email at All

14. Juli 2020

Sending emails in plain text puts sensitive data at risk of being intercepted. Learn how to send a secure email that makes data invisible for third parties.

Email Threat Protection: How To Secure Office 365Email Threat Protection: How to Secure Outlook Office 365

8. Juli 2020

Email Threat Protection is key for cloud-based communication. Setting it properly can help companies secure sensitive data from interior and exterior risks.

Real Estate Wire Fraud Explained: Email Scam Threat Model and ExamplesReal Estate Wire Fraud: Email Scam Threat Model and Examples

30. Juni 2020

Real estate wire fraud is executed through unprotected email communication, combining identity theft and social engineering to defraud companies and clients.

Secure Email Gateway (SEG): What It Can and Can Not DoSecure Email Gateway Goals and Shortcomings

24. Juni 2020

Secure Email Gateway is great for blocking spam, mass phishing, and known malware, but SEG can not resolve modern email security issues on its own.


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