Mitigate Threats

The Perfect Point of Entry

Phishing, business email compromise, and human-based attacks pose critical danger to corporate data. Explore them closely to define the solution that will help mitigate email security risks for your organization.

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Lack of Encryption

A Company's data might be stored in an unencrypted state.


Privacy by Design, Encryption by Default

Find out what email security solution you can implement in your organization to ensure compliance with regulations and local legislation acts.


    General Data Protection Regulation

  • CCPA

    California Consumer Privacy Act

  • SOX

    Sarbanes Oxley Act


    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

  • GLBA

    Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

  • Reg FD

    Regulation Fair Disclosure

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Security for Any Size and Scope of Business

Intelligently executed cyberattacks can have a crucial impact on the email infrastructure. Provide strong protection against email threats no matter what field of activity you occupy.

  • Investments

    Secure financial documents exchange

  • Energy

    Protection of the accounting workflow

  • Automotive

    Secure transactions

  • Retail

    Protection of data related to orders and prices

  • Public Sector

    Protection of data of national importance

  • Logistics

    Secure correspondence between parties

  • Manufacturing

    Secure correspondence and financial information

  • Banking

    Secure correspondence with foreign branches

  • Media

    Management and control of access rights

  • Minerals Industry

    Secure legal documents

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