StealthMail was founded by a team of experts in cybersecurity and professional telecommunication.

The StealthMail team has been developing secure and mission-critical solutions for multiple clients from the United States, Europe, and the Middle East over the last 12 years.

Our team invented and patented military grade Secure Dynamic Network Protocol.

Utilizing all our experience, the team at StealthMail has invented and patented military grade communications and encryption.

Microsoft One
Commercial Partner

StealthMail earned Co-Sell Ready Status through the Microsoft One Commercial Partner (OCP) Program. The Co-Sell Program aligns Microsoft’s large, global salesforce behind partners like StealthMail to drive top-notch solutions for customers.

To be eligible, businesses must submit customer references that demonstrate successful projects, meet a performance commitment, and pass technology and sales assessments, all of which StealthMail was able to demonstrate.


Email needs to earn the right to be trusted by millions of people and organizations with their most sensitive information. We see a future where everyone is confident that their private information and correspondence is truly secure.

What we Do

And why?


All aspects of our lives depend on the safety and reliability of the Internet, and email plays a major role as the backbone of today's communication. But surprisingly, Email still works on SMTP, developed in 1982 - it wasn’t designed for privacy or security at all.

Most people don’t know that Emails are sent in Plain unencrypted text. That is literally as risky as using postcards! Even traditional mail going through the post office has an envelope to hide its content, but emails don’t.

Emails travel unencrypted via 3rd party, untrusted email relays where they may be collected, analyzed, and stored. No hacking or breaking encryption is necessary.

The risks of using regular Email has become unacceptable. We believe people should be aware of how Email really works and the risks they take when talking to their bank, doctor, legal advisor, accountant, or family members via Email.

Both individuals and companies should have professional security alternatives to protect their communication’s privacy and to keep their businesses and private life safe.

In the digital world we live in today, secure communication channels should become a basic right for all people.

Email transfer simulation. Actual content cannot be tracked.

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