Education in Times of Self Isolation

While not a lot of good can be said about the 2020 situation, social isolation gives people more free time and opportunities to learn.

A good way to keep your mind sharp and your mental health in check is to learn about something new. Learning can bring variety in your daily routine and distract you from issues brought in by the pandemic.

Expand your vision and knowledge to make the best out of the worst situation!


Education Is the Driver of Change

The StealthMail Team believes that good education is largely dependent on encouragement.

We are hoping to send a positive message and assist your discovery by making our quality materials freely available.

We have connected with leading cybersecurity specialists and talented writers to produce the materials that are both entertaining and legitimate.

Cybersecurity Education Resources

We learn best when we are oblivious to the fact we are learning.

Taking this into account, we decided to distance ourselves from the traditional user education, as it can often become a distraction from primary objectives, or interfere with the working process, as can be seen with simulated phishing.

While there is a lot to be learned from those tests, out-of-the-box simulated phishing can evoke an unpleasant response in the usual corporate setting, so a different approach might be needed.

To truly become informed about any topic, a person should put in a lot of personal time into the research, and do it continuously. For that reason, an annual training course is not feasible to improve a cybersecurity posture in the company.

Therefore, to assist the more curious minds, we provide easy-to-read-and-understand resources that are enjoyable to go through even in spare time.

Why read about security in your free time? Because cybersecurity is not only a study subject, it is also a state of mind.


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