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StealthMail Announces “The Art of Email Security” Release

StealthMail Announces “The Art of Email Security” Release

StealthMail is proud to announce the release of “The Art of Email Security” – a peer production project designed to educate users about the #1 business communication channel and the main target of cyberattacks in 2020.

The main goal of this book is to help the corporate sector in developing a cybersecurity culture with minimal investment and less friction from the audience of employees who think they have nothing to hide, or nothing valuable to interest the online criminals.

The main point of the book states that regardless of what business industry the company is engaged in, every member of its team is in danger – both in the office and at home.

“The Art of Email Security” explains in detail what makes various email attacks possible, why email is used in 91% of successful infiltrations, and offers insider takes on the most prominent strategies criminals use to disrupt business operations and personal lives.

To bring some spotlight on the importance of digital awareness in our tech-obsessed world, StealthMail was joined in this mission by leading cybersecurity experts across the globe. Chief information security officers that have worked for companies like Amazon, IBM, HBO, Gartner, UNICEF, DHL, Verizon, Capital One and many more were kind enough to share their knowledge and offer their unique insights, fueled by years of experience, and feedback-from-the-ground on email matters worth talking about.

Material provided within the book allows privacy-oriented users of different Internet proficiency levels get familiar with best practices of email usage, learn about the most popular cyberattacks targeted at email, and find out why email is used so heavily by the most decorated hacking groups in the world.

Email is the number one data security risk organizations face in the wake of GDPR and other recent legislation,” says Dim Bull, CEO of StealthMail. “We want to both bring awareness to this problem, and give individuals, corporations and government organizations a way to solve it.”

I believe this book can have a positive influence on the corporate environment, acting as a contributor to increase overall cyber awareness among email users. That alone can severely reduce email-related cyber risks,” shares StealthMail Chief Technical Officer Evgen Verzun.

Anyone interested in “The Art of Email Security” can download the book on the official https://stealthmail.com/education/the-art-of-email-security for free, or get a Kindle version on Amazon.com.


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