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To get StealthMail authorization code you will need to register StealthMail account, verify and set your main domain and prepare azure subscription for the deployment (see Step 1 of the deployment guide).

To register StealthMail account visit .

Fill the form with your contact email and a password for a new StealthMail account.

Confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Please follow the link from the confirmation email to finish account registration.


Opened page will show you the first step of the wizard that help you getting StealthMail deployment Authorization code.


This step will inform you that there are components which are required for further StealthMail deployment. At this point you should have them all. If not go the beginning of the deployment guide to get additional information.

You you have all component click Confirm button.


Add Domain

Here you should add your domain and subdomain address.


Validate Domain

To move further you should validate domain ownership by adding specified TXT record to your domain and sub-domains if you have.

After you have added required records you can validate added domain by pressing Validate button next to domains.

Please Note: Depending on your domain registrar, it may take up to 72 hours for StealthMail to verify your domain.

Before proceeding you have to validate all of your domains.


Set Main Domain

Please select your Main domain, which will be used for you secure email correspondence then click Confirm button.


Create App ID

Before proceeding to the Deployment step the wizard recommends to prepare your azure subscription to StealthMail deployment.



StealthMail generated for you an Authorization code. It will be needed for further deployment.

Now you may proceed to the step Deployment to Azure from the Main guide.


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