To decrypt StealthMail Emails in Microsoft Outlook you will need a StealthMail Add-In. If you are not using Microsoft Outlook you still can preview secure StealthMail Emails using StealthMail for Windows.

StealthMail Add-In for Outlook

Laptop Add-In

You also may download previous versions.

Requires: Microsoft Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 or Outlook for Office365

Download it, install and then an register account in it.

The whole process of downloading and installing is shown in the video below, for more help videos please visit
Help videos section.


StealthMail Add-in manual for Microsoft Outlook

StealthMail for Windows

Laptop Viewer

You also may download previous versions.

Requires: Windows 8.1 or later

After downloading, installing, adding Email and StealthMail accounts as soon as you click on a Stealth link in received secure email you will be redirected to the StealthMail for Windows where an Email wil be decrypted.


StealthMail manual for Microsoft Windows


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