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What Is Email Encryption and Why Do We Need It to Protect Our Privacy?

What Is Email Encryption and Why Do We Need It to Protect Our Privacy?

It’s safe to say that most of us have someone in our life who can read our mind – or even finish our sentences.

You may share some inside jokes with these people, use special terms when communicating with them, and tell them long stories with one word and get the same reaction in the end. Only you and that person can understand what’s happening and what exactly you are discussing.

Often, the reason for that style of communication is privacy and confidentiality. You don’t want to whisper and act all suspicious, so you wrap the true meaning of your message in a blanket of mystery.

Why don’t you do the same with your emails?

A Secure Communication Channel Is Impossible with Regular Emails

Using regular emails for secret communication is the equivalent of shouting your secrets out an open window in the middle of the night for all people to hear.

You may not know, but emails which contain sensitive data about you travel through the Internet completely uncovered. That means that your email is no different from an open book that almost invites people to stop and read it, if not steal it, rip its pages out or get rid of it.

That’s because data travels as plain text thanks to the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). First defined in 1982 and updated over 10 years ago, SMTP is no longer a valid option. Why?

The protocol is 36 years old!

That’s old for the online world. The Internet itself didn’t go public until 1991, so you should understand how out of date this thing really is. It is so vulnerable that people can learn how to hack an email in just five minutes.

That is why 15-year-olds like Kane Gamble are able to hack CIA directors and expose sensitive data to the world. Everything is available online, and anyone can become a self-taught hacker!

You Can’t Have Privacy Without Security and Email Encryption

Your letters can be easily intercepted by a “man-in-the-middle” who would impersonate your addressee to get access to sensitive information. You can also become a victim of phishing by giving out your login credentials to a person who pretends to be someone else.

Do you really think that it’s worth the risk when people need to do so little to break in? Every second 73 data records are stolen or lost online. Mostly, those attacks are directed at the corporate sectors, as 8000 business are attacked monthly, according to the Internet Security Threat report.

How big does this number need to become before people wake up and start thinking about their cybersecurity?

Undeniably, privacy is one of the biggest problems in the electronic age, and you can’t have privacy without security. Protection of your correspondence is possible, and the solution that would ensure security against man-in-the-middle attacks, EAC, BEC, and multiple phishing methods already exists.

It is called StealthMail.

The StealthMail team has a military background with twelve years of experience in the cybersecurity field.

To protect your business emails from the side of the aggressor, StealthMail provides email encryption and gives you a protected channel of communication that nullifies the threat of data breaches.

It relies on the patented Secure Dynamic Communication Network and Protocol.

How Does Email Encryption Work and How to Encrypt Email in Outlook?

First of all, Stealth Mashup separately encrypts email content and attachments of your letter by picking it apart and interjecting junk files into it, so the message would be unreadable for the eavesdroppers. The process is repeated multiple times to guarantee advanced encryption for your email!

Secondly, the encrypted data is not sent out via third-party servers, but instead stays with you! The data is placed in your protected storage and is only available to clients who complete a two-way authentication and confirm their identity to StealthMail.

Only the Stealth Link is exposed to the Public Internet, but it has no purpose on its own, and that keeps the third-party far away from your digital assets.

Email end-to-end encryption ensures the maximum protection of your sensitive files and rules out the possibility of compromises within StealthMail. The StealthMail email security solution doesn’t require integration into existing IT-infrastructure and comes to you as a Microsoft Outlook add-in (desktop and mobile apps are also available).

This is a user-friendly email security solution that doesn’t interfere with your working process.

To put an end to unsafe emailing in your professional environment and find out more information, get a free consultation about StealthMail solution by scheduling it at StealthMail.com.


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