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The History Of StealthMail: From Intention To Action

The History Of StealthMail: From Intention To Action

Despite the fact that email occupies the first place in the field of business correspondence, this method of communication is one of the most vulnerable and unsafe in terms of preserving confidential information. By consolidating our vast experience and noble intentions to change the situation for better, we founded StealthMail.

Our History, Or How We Became Who We Are Now

StealthMail was founded by the experts in the field of cybersecurity and professional telecommunications.

To fit its name, our company acted in the best traditions of superspies: invisibly yet effectively. Our specialists have developed reliable, secure, mission- and time-critical software solutions for telecommunication systems. 

We applied our knowledge and experience in those regions where they were most needed:

  • Europe (Germany) – developed and implemented telecommunication system for emergency services in Germany, which brings together police, fire and ambulance control centers to coordinate joint actions.
  • USA and the Countries of the Middle East – developed and implemented professional communication system for police forces, paramedics, fire services, and port authority services for TETRA (TErrestrial Trunked RAdio, a European standard for trunked radio systems) and other secure PMR (Professional Mobile Radio) devices.

Our Missions, Or Whom We Are Trying To Help

One of our main and crucial goals is to solve the problem of personal data security and provide professional solutions using the latest innovative technologies in software development.

We feel certain people should be aware of how emails really work and dangers they face when communicating to their bank, doctor, legal advisor, accountant, or family member via Email. 

Both individuals and companies should have professional security alternatives to protect their privacy and keep their business life secure.

Email needs to earn the right to be trusted by millions of people and organizations with their most sensitive information. We see a future where everyone is confident that their private information and correspondence is truly secure. 

In digital world we live in today, secure communication channels should become a basic right for all people.

Our Solutions, Or What We Do


As of now, our team has developed a solution for protecting email from the internet threats – StealthMail Add-In.

StealthMail Add-In is a software solution for Microsoft Outlook.  StealthMail Add-In ensures the security and privacy of business correspondence. 

The solution eliminates the transfer of the contents and attachments of the email through public channels of communication, which are now used to send emails. 

Currently, we are working on the client for mobile (iOS | Android) and desktop (Windows | macOS) operational systems.


Using all the experience we have, our team invented and patented a military-grade data transfer protocol ─Secure Dynamic Network Protocol─ designed to ensure confidentiality, security and data integrity, as well as optimize network performance and quality of service.

Microsoft One Commercial Partner

To be eligible, businesses must submit customer references that demonstrate successful projects, meet a performance requirement, and pass technology and sales assessments, — all of which StealthMail was able to demonstrate.

StealthMail earned Co-Sell Ready Status through the Microsoft One Commercial Partner (OCP) Program. The Co-Sell Program aligns Microsoft’s large, global salesforce behind partners like StealthMail to drive top-notch solutions for customers.

To find out more about our solution, please download the datasheet at https://StealthMail.com/en/info.


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