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How StealthMail Protects You From Email Threats

How StealthMail Protects You From Dangers Of Using Traditional Email

For many business-oriented people, a personal meeting is a go-to option for efficient communication.  

Email is a solid second option.

In the past few years, a filtering system from spam messages was substantially upgraded, plus user experience on mobile email clients also saw some improvements.

But even with all that, 91% of worldwide cyber-attacks are coming to life through phishing email messages. Phishing is just one of many online fraud forms, sharpened to attack email.

 Things to Keep an Eye On

 Dangers of using regular email could be different:

  • SMTP protocol vulnerability (messages are transferred in plain text).
  • “Man-in-the-middle” attacks (attacks where a hacker intercepts the message between two parties, then edits, deletes, or replaces initial information with virus-infected files).
  • Partial end-to-end encryption (messages are transferred in plain text to the mail servers where they got encrypted, then they go through open relays, and before they reach the recipient’s inbox, they got decrypted, i.e. are transferred in open text again).
  • Methods of social engineering (a fake promise of financial reward for registration on the malicious site by entering a username and password; pretending to be the company’s employee and requesting help, for example, to look through the infected file).
  • Human Factor (accidental or unconscious clicking the link with malicious files by employees, that could result in the transmission of confidential information to third parties).

And this is just a small number of threats that email users could encounter. The primary goal of such attacks narrows down to stealing simple passwords and gaining access to the users’ credentials, their bank accounts, and other critically sensitive data kept in the email.

StealthMail Analyzes the Working Area  

Taking into consideration all the weak points of regular emails and realizing the value and integrity of personal data, the StealthMail team developed a solution.


This solution is specially designed to deal with existing and nascent threats, to which email is susceptible.

A Simple Yet Effective Solution

StealthMail, among other solutions, offers an Add-in for Microsoft Outlook that ensures safety and privacy of business correspondence. StealthMail Add-In excludes the possibility of sending the content of emails through open and unprotected channels: the solution takes the content out of emails instead and then delivers it to the recipients in an encrypted state over dedicated secured communication channels.

Instead, this service encrypts the content of the message and attachments separately. Then the service arranges a transfer between parties by sending emails through protected and secured channels of communication.

The StealthMail email security solution is based on the proprietary patented technology of data transfer through secure channels (Secure Dynamic Communication Network and Protocol).

Puzzling Encryption Process Fully Explained

To fully understand how the encryption process transpires, picture the following: you want to complete and send a puzzle to some person. The puzzle is formed out of thousands of fragments, and those fragments form the whole picture.

When sending emails, picture the original content of your letter that consists of the aforementioned fragments. Only you and the addressee know how the picture looks.  

After composing a letter, you send the fragments. The letter goes through a myriad of protected Cloud channels of the company. The content of the letter experiences a series of mixed up procedures during the transfer. Each mix up is happening every 100 milliseconds!

It is already an impossible task to decrypt the letter without encryption keys, not to mention data being also mixed up. And for that reason, it gives you another layer of security in the multi-layered system of the solution.

Throwing More Resources for Good Measure

While the fragments are getting mixed up, additional random data gets thrown in the whirl of things.

Technically speaking, that is “junk data” or data that doesn’t have any value. This is done to make the process of message reading and interpreting impossible for sinister third parties.

The receiver must be authorized in the service to see the picture or read the message for that matter. Only after an authentication process do the “junk data” pieces get erased, and the content of the letter and its attachments become readable again.

The Goals Are Simple: Safety and Security

The StealthMail email security solution offers genuine end-to-end encryption

Encryption keys are generated and stored on the user’s side. All data is saved in protected storage in an encrypted state and is transferred there via secure data channels.

Only after the user has been authorized in the service can the data from the storage get on the device and be decrypted.

As soon as the user ends his session, data from the temporary storage gets deleted. Additionally, the company itself decides where to stack up the encrypted email correspondence, whether on local servers or cloud storage.

StealthMail is like a magic pill that will cure your headache. Leave cybersecurity nightmares in the past and help your Chief of Security save his natural hair color for a couple more years. 

To get more broader technical insights of StealthMail and how the solution can help protect your business email-correspondence, please download datasheet at https://StealthMail.com/en/info.


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