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Enterprise Email Security: How To Protect Corporate Data

StealthMail is an enterprise email encryption solution designed to protect corporate data.

Enterprise email security matters, as more than 280 billion emails are sent every single day. They contain gigabytes of sensitive information, confidential business data, and critical private requests. 

But how many of them transfer the data securely?

It is a tough question with a realistic answer probably landing in the area of under 1%. Some may argue that it is a rather pessimistic guess. However, once you start crunching the numbers, you will realize that 1% is too generous. 

Do you think almost 3 billion emails a day are sent inline with all enterprise email security standards that ensure data protection? Just think about it. It is probably closer to 0.1% when you look at it this way. 

Regardless, don’t get overly concerned with these numbers as this is not the question one should be asking anyway. 

The right question is:

How do you ensure that your enterprise is a part of the 1% club?

This is the question you want to answer correctly. 

Enterprise Email Protection As A Primary IT Security Concern

“Businesses today are still thinking that security is IT-based. That’s where they fall short - IT is very good at what IT does, but IT doesn’t know the business.” -  Pamela Gupta, CEO and President of OutSecure Inc, an excerpt from The Art of Email Security.

Enterprise IT security bears the burden of protecting all enterprise data. 

The IT staff need to figure out how to ensure that both physical and digital information stays confidential and secure, yet retains its on-demand availability qualities for use within the enterprise. This is quite a challenge, being aware of the modern attack trends. 

But why is email security so critical in 2020? Let’s find out the answer from Brian Thompson, Public Sector SaaS Leader at Salesforce.

“This is a point in your perimeter that is having data crossing it. Internet-facing areas being in human use are specifically vulnerable.  Email falls into a category of boundary traversing systems that are critical. If you don't have the toolsets or capability of monitoring or restricting at a data element level - you're at significant risk.”

Physical data is significantly easier to protect. 

It is safe to assume that criminals begin to lose interest in this kind of data. It is usually well-secured and ends up not being worth going after when the risk/reward ratio is calculated.

Digital data, on the other hand, is a sweet, low-hanging fruit that is easily accessible, often left exposed to the public Internet, and something that can be used by criminals to launch a spear-phishing attack on the enterprise.

Sometimes organizations shift security responsibility on cloud providers without going into the trouble of reviewing the signed contracts. One can’t delegate enterprise email protection to third parties that collect great volumes of digital data often without deploying proper measures to ensure their safety. 

Enterprise Email Security Is The Responsibility Of The Company

Governments, terrorists, and organized crime factions are armed with sophisticated tools of cyber warfare, unlike most companies, who limit themselves to email security gateway and email encryption solutions. 

Not to say that those tools are not needed, but they can’t solve the enterprise email security issue entirely.

International crime, corporate espionage, extortions – criminals made the switch to the digital world a long time ago, and learned a lot about the ways of efficient cyberattacks.

Sustaining cyber armies is considerably less expensive than maintaining actual physical forces, the attacks are sudden and criminals derive exponential gain by doing the bare minimum.

How many times have your employees shared or seen someone else sharing any login details over email? Intercepting just one such delivery would give the adversary an entry to the enterprise, which could lead to CEO fraud or other varieties of BEC scam.

If the online criminals get a hold of the enterprise account, how many results will show up with a simple search for ‘password’ or ‘login’? And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Inquiries, receipts, employee information – the list of sensitive information sent over email goes on and on.

And even if the company doesn’t possess a lot of sensitive data, its email accounts could be helpful to criminals in tracing their activity online. If hackers don’t take the data, they will take the access.

Why Is Enterprise Email Security So Critical? 

Verizon reports email to be the main vector for 96% of social cyber-attacks

It is flawed at its core which makes for the perfect point of entry. 

To make the matters worse, while the bar for the skill required to pull off a successful attack is consistently lowered, the market of cybersecurity professionals has a very constrained talent pool of people capable of setting up proper enterprise email security. 

Everyone relies on this method of communication and will continue to do so. 

“Email is a prevalent method of communication. It’s also something people react to, they respond to, and it's something they get addicted to. And that’s why it's a very attractive target for those very reasons.” – Rick Doten, Cyber and Information Security Officer at Crumpton Group LLC.

Besides an obvious need to acquire email security software, corporations have to deal with another side of the problem – user education and training. Without an established cybersecurity culture any email security tools will become useless and make the job of the IT department much tougher.

How StealthMail Can Establish Enterprise Email Security In Your Company

StealthMail is not just another app that claims to possess a mystical distinguishing feature. 

Designed and developed to military-grade standards by the team who have worked in mission-critical telecommunications for over 14 years. 

Powered by the patented Stealth Technology, StealthMail enables the exchange of invisible emails allowing free flow of communication and keeping all contents in the out-of-reach enterprise environment. 

StealthMail is a solution that protects enterprise communication from the threats of the open Internet. With StealthMail, enterprise email protection becomes easier, as the company saves all the confidential data, information, files and attachments in a secure company storage.

Corporate data never crosses open relay servers, gets encrypted on the user’s device, gets transferred and stays encrypted at rest. Only authorized users could ever access it. It’s not only one of the leading email encryption solutions, it is also a way to cross cloud security from the list of corporate concerns.Standing up against the modern adversary takes cutting-edge tools. To find out more about StealthMail’s way of providing enterprise email security, you can download the datasheet at StealthMail.com/info.


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