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4 StealthMail Add-In Features You Need To Know About

4 StealthMail Add-In Features You Need To Know About

What are the most important things you need to keep an eye on when sending messages via email?

Requisites. Without filling “To” and “Subject” spaces your email will go nowhere.

Another fundamental thing is a digital signature, as you can identify the addresser by it. Before your email gets signed, it gets a certificate assigned to it.

Your License, Please

Verification for a digital signature is an electronic document that contains a key signed by the center of certification. This document guarantees that the key belongs only to its owner.

StealthMail Add-In uses a digital certificate to sign the sender’s email, that gives the recipient of the message assurance in both the letter’s and sender’s authenticities. In such a way, the recipient of the email can verify that one who sent an email exactly the person who wrote it.

More Than Just A Signature

Digital signature enables you to check who is the owner of the letter. Also it gives an understanding who is the sender of the email , and were there any edits or changes to the original letter. Digitally signed messages give you a possibility to verify authenticity of your email contents and its attachments.

Digital signature is designed to identify a person that signed the document. 

The signature protects the letter from document forgery: in any case of intentional change of the document a digital signature becomes invalid, as it is calculated with a special algorithm on the basis of the original document condition. 

Digital signature matches only the original document. This guarantees that the letter will be kept untouched and won’t go through any edits during the transfer. Falsification of documents becomes impractical to say the least.

A digital signature can also guarantee you the authorship of email’s certificate. Only the author is aware of the key that helps create a signature. In other words, digital signature guarantees that certificate cannot be counterfeited either. 

Different Type of Shredder

Any email can be used as evidence in the courtroom.

A lawyer that will look for compromising letters in your email can send the copies of your hard drives for a forensic examination.

After some time passed, you probably would like to delete the content of your unofficial emails, especially if those were written in a bad mood.

You can always delete your emails of course, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that those emails will be gone forever.

StealthMail Add-In gives you an opportunity to delete your personal data and terminate confidential letters without the possibility of their restoration, which means they will be gone forever. Period.

With the help of Email Shredder feature you can erase all of the sent messages for ALL RECIPIENTS and from ALL DEVICES without any possibility of their recovery.

No More Regrets

By using a StealthMail Add-In you give yourself complete control over your emails. 

With the help of this service not only you can track the whereabouts of your letters, but also you can track the possible downloads of your attachments.  

Along with those features StealthMail implemented essential for business feature - email revoking.

Revoke feature allows you to withdraw:

  • messages you sent  to a person you did not mean or want to;
  • messages you sent a to a person who had forwarded it to other users;
  • messages you sent with sensitive information, but you'd like to make it unavailable for recipients.

This option gives you even more control over your confidential data, thus guaranteeing that you will be its sole owner.

What Are You Waiting For?

StealthMail Add-In is a multi-level military grade solution. 

This solution works “in the background”, which means that your employees can continue using Microsoft Outlook as their primary email client as before — StealthMail doesn’t require a lengthy integration and doesn’t interfere in the already existing IT infrastructure.

With so many innovative features, getting a StealthMail Add-in to secure your daily business communications is a no brainer decision. The minimal effort you need to put in the installation of this solution is totally justified. 
To learn more about the solution, download the datasheet at https://StealthMail.com/en/info


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