Microsoft recommends StealthMail to its customers

Wire Fraud Keeps Growing

  • 11,677 registered real estate/rental fraud victims in 2019 combined monetary loss of $221 million.
  • 114,702 reported cases fell victim to phishing campaigns in 2019.
  • 11,300 reported victims and a $150 million loss in 2018.

Wire Fraud Red Flags

  • Inconsistencies in email addresses and domain names.
  • Sense of urgency in a message.
  • Last-minute changes to the wiring instructions and bank account details.


The StealthMail email security solution allows companies to mitigate risks associated with wire fraud by encrypting sensitive email content and attachments, controlling encryption keys, managing access rights to confidential data.

Technical Specifications

  • Encryption keys

    ECC 512+

    bit elliptic curve

  • Data transfer

    TWOFISH 256


  • Messaging


    bit HMAC key

  • Signature and Auth

    RSA 8192


  • Data storage

    AES 256


  • Passwords hash

    SHA-3 512


How It Works

Your confidential data remains secured in your encrypted storage in Azure Cloud, and is never exposed to the threats of the Public Internet.

  • Individually encrypts your email content and attachments and generates a unique identifier that refers to the message.
  • Transmits it through dedicated secure communication channels.
  • Allows authorized users to get access to encrypted content and attachments.
How StealthMail work

Why StealthMail?

  • Identifies senders and recipients by using the digital signature of the message.
  • Secures sensitive data with advanced encryption algorithms.
  • Protects data even in case of compromised email infrastructure, device, or account credentials.
  • Enforces stringent email authentication methods.
  • Prohibits forwarding, copying, screen recording, and replying options to both internal and external addresses.
  • Keeps data inside the company’s secure perimeter.
  • Applies the second factor to establish a secure connection and enhance security.


  • StealthMail is deployed to Company’s Azure Cloud.
  • Existing infrastructure is not affected.
  • Deployment takes less than 2 hours.

Infrastructure Requirements

  • Microsoft Azure Subscription.
  • LDAP v2. (Microsoft Exchange, Office 365).
  • Email clients: Microsoft Outlook 2013 | 2016, Outlook Office365.

Use StealthMail to Secure your Email Communications!

  • 30 days of free use.
  • Deployment takes place within an hour in the cloud of Microsoft Azure and does not affect the infrastructure of the company.
  • License cost $ 15 per month per user.

Number of Licenses

1 - 10

10 - 50

50 - 200

200 - 500


I agree that contact data will be processed by StealthMail


Customers choose StealthMail to protect their confidential data against BEC/EAC attacks, data leaks, and to recall access rights of sent emails

  • Investments

    Secure financial documents exchange

  • Energy

    Protection of the accounting workflow

  • Automotive

    Secure transactions

  • Retail

    Protection of data related to orders and prices

  • Public Sector

    Protection of data of national importance

  • Logistics

    Secure correspondence between parties

  • Manufacturing

    Secure correspondence and financial information

  • Banking

    Secure correspondence with foreign branches

  • Media

    Management and control of access rights

  • Minerals Industry

    Secure legal documents


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