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Why Email Encryption and Advanced Data Protection Are a Must-Have for Any Respectable Businessman

Why Email Encryption and Advanced Data Protection Are a Must-Have for Any Respectable Businessman

Safety is typically one of our top priorities in real life, but we can rarely say the same about our priorities in the cyberworld.

We often find ourselves viewing and downloading files we should stay away from, visiting sketchy sites by accident and by will, and doing things we wouldn’t try in the real world.

But guess what?

Day by day, the cyber world is getting more real. The digital world is fairly young, and so are we as a society in it, but because of our activity it has become apparent that we need to adapt to the rules of that place to “survive” and be able to improve our life positions there.

And, as a wise man once said, the measure of intelligence is the ability to change and adapt.

It’s Time to Ask Yourself Some Questions

How much time do we spend online nowadays?

The average time spent in front of a screen is 11 hours a day for an average user, with around 8 of them being work-related. We spend more time online than ever before to complete work-related tasks; and what is it that we are doing online most of the time, especially when we deal with our partners and clients?

We communicate.

This is the main idea of the Internet.

Being able to connect with other people is the main superpower of the Internet. We use social media to talk to friends and family in our free time, but we use email to communicate with our business-related contacts.

Email is your friend, but it is also the most vulnerable part of your cyber organism. Statistics back up the idea that our emails are by far the most susceptible parts for cyber-attacks, as 96% of social cyber-attacks happen through them!

Emails are so basic in their nature that it doesn’t take much effort to break into them. There are countless ways to get an illegal entry into your email, and most of those methods are no different from mousetraps in their design.

How People Lose Money and Jobs Due to The Lack of Email Security Software

Phishing emails lure people to exchange their login data or money for a possible reward or gift. When the people that are interested in your dirty laundry get your credentials, your confidential data is exposed and the well-being of your files is in huge jeopardy. Sensitive data can be deleted, edited, infected, leaked… you name it.

Phishing attacks are very popular because of their efficiency. Countless hacks happen through phishing, as some of us are resisting the needed changes and end up becoming victims of the modern age realities.

For example, Waltar Stephan has been a CEO of the plane part manufacturer FACC for 17 years and fell for a whale phishing trap that resulted in a $56.79m loss for the company.

Scammers sent an email to Stephan talking about the need for a secret money transaction. Stephan fell for the scam and was fired with immediate effect.

That case colorfully exemplifies that top-notch protection should be your top priority when doing business online.

That is exactly why your email should always be encrypted and protected from potential attacks. Encryption codes your email so the content of your letter would become unrecognizable and “unreadable” to outsiders.

Encryption is vital because regular emails are operating on Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) that sends emails in plain text. “Simple” won’t cut it, as we have moved far away from 1982 when this protocol was created. For 2018 and beyond, you need Secure Dynamic Network Protocol (SDNP), patented by StealthMail.

StealthMail – Military-Grade Email Encryption and Data Protection Solution

StealthMail is an email encryption software for businesses that gives YOU control over the data and doesn’t allow entry to outsiders. Advanced threat protection only through encryption is not entirely possible, as there are loopholes left in most solutions. StealthMail figured out how to ensure that your data stays protected with an additional step to achieve top security.

The encryption keys and data are stored in your company’s secured perimeter and not on the third-party server where they wouldn’t be safe. By placing your data there, you are basically allowing the third-party server to take a look at the content. Data stops being confidential, and the whole reason to protect it loses all sense.

Only those who should see the data can have access to it, providing data confidentiality and preserving its integrity. Data is about you as a human being, it’s about you as a worker, it’s about you as a boss and the company’s representative. On top of all that, the information itself should be respected.

At StealthMail, we truly believe that threat protection email security should be user-friendly and transpire on the client’s level. That is why StealthMail doesn’t require an integration and is available on multiple platforms. It can be an add-in for Microsoft Outlook, a mobile and desktop app, so you would have all the comfort to communicate securely.

By choosing the StealthMail solution, you are not only getting your information out of the harm’s way, but you are also giving your company a blanket of confidentiality that can cover it from public Internet threats and make it legally compliant.

To find out more about the solution, schedule a free consultation at StealthMail.com and get started today!


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