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This Anti-Phishing Solution for Outlook Finally Provides the Business Email Security You Needed

This Anti-Phishing Solution for Outlook Finally Provides the Business Email Security You Needed

Organizations often don’t see value in anti-phishing protection solutions. After all, why pay if you can simply educate your employees not to open suspicious emails, right?

Turns out, that’s not such a great idea.

At the beginning of 2018, nine Iranian hackers were able to pump out 31 terabytes of data worth $3 billion from over 300 universities in a 3-year phishing campaign. Over 100,000 professors were targeted, and approximately 8,000 accounts were successfully compromised.

Some may say that the odds look pretty good here as only 8% of targeted accounts were penetrated, but the truth is, compromising a single account can be enough for hijackers to succeed.

Spotting phishing emails is becoming substantially more difficult too.

Hackers no longer use basic phishing scam techniques like the one where an African prince asks you to help ship gold for a reward.


Cyber criminals have evolved and so have their phishing tactics.

Stop Using Webmail

First things first, you must stop checking email using your browser.

The email protocol has an extensive list of its own issues, in addition to numerous browser vulnerabilities.

If privacy and security are a priority (and they must be), then desktop applications like Microsoft Outlook are the way to go.

Make Use of Anti-Phishing Protection in Outlook

Even if you think you can spot phishing emails from a mile away, having additional protection cannot hurt.

Sophisticated phishing attacks that hackers deploy today include emails that condition you to react to a statement from your bank, relog into your iCloud account or respond to a friend request on Facebook.

They look extremely convincing unless you know exactly what to look for.

The Microsoft Outlook Junk Email Filter adds an extra layer of anti-phishing protection by automatically moving all untrustworthy email to the Junk Email folder; however, this does not completely deal with all email phishing and spam messages.

This means you still need to be cautious even with the Outlook email phishing protection backing you up, which will only bump up your chances of dodging the hook.

Use StealthMail to Protect Business Email from Phishing

The worst thing about phishing is that it is simple to pull off.

If a high school student can hack into CIA director’s email account for fun, then how can you protect your business email from a targeted attack?

You bust out the big guns.

StealthMail is a military-grade email security solution developed by a team of experts in mission-critical telecommunications. The 12 years of experience developing and delivering secure communication solutions utilized in life-or-death scenarios have led to the creation of a patented Stealth Technology that ensures complete anti-phishing security as well as protection from BECEAC, and MITM attacks.

StealthMail is not your ordinary anti-phishing software or end-to-end encryption for Outlook; it is a refined military-grade solution previously unavailable for commercial use.

And if that sounds like overkill, then you must be the type of person who would pass on the bodyguards, even when your well-being is at stake.

Learn more about the StealthMail solution at StealthMail.com.


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