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Steve Guggenheimer Meets with StealthMail and Other Top Microsoft Partners

Steve Guggenheimer Meets with StealthMail and Other Top Microsoft Partners

If you recognize the importance of security and GDPR compliance then you are bound to find a few revelatory insights in Guggenheimer’s latest take on these subjects. Here is why:

On October 19, 2018, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for AI Business, Steve ‘Guggs’ Guggenheimer, met with some of the most valuable CIS Microsoft partners. Guggenheimer is the true AI evangelist responsible for building the next generation of AI solutions, as well as broadening and forwarding the AI conversation at the global level.

Throughout his 20+ years of working at Microsoft, Guggs has played strategically critical roles in building Microsoft’s hardware and software ecosystem. His years of experience include working on product teams for Microsoft’s Application Platform, Windows, and Visual Studio to name a few.

Meeting Key Microsoft Partners

Prior to his scheduled speech at Kyiv International Economic Forum 2018, Guggenheimer met with a few of Microsoft’s highly valued partners, including StealthMail.

Partners asked questions and discussed future opportunities for practical application of AI in various fields. TheStealthMail team raised the question of AI neural networks usage in email security.

Here is what Steve had to say…

Email, AI, and GDPR

Currently, AI based solutions can be used to help organizations comply with GDPR in their email communication.

Theoretically, it works as follows:

The artificial neural network is given access to email content draft prior to it being sent. The AI then checks the information to ensure that the email does not include any sensitive data such as social security numbers, bank IDs, credit card numbers, account access etc. Emails containing sensitive information are blocked and returned for review.

But how does AI react if attachments include sensitive information such as images of IDs, credit cards and others? StealthMail had the same question.

In his reply, Guggenheimer jokingly admitted that Microsoft currently uses image recognition to create PowerPoint layouts. He mentioned that to his knowledge no one is working on a solution to address the scenario.

Steve also recognized the need for a compliant security means and said that “it would be a phenomenal third-party tool.”

Guggenheimer’s reply praised the necessity of a GDPR compliant email security solution, such as the one that StealthMail has been tirelessly working on. Its email security solution ensures GDPR compliance, and guarantees complete security of all email content including attachments sent via StealthMail.

Future plans for StealthMail hold the inclusion of the AI component coupled with image recognition to help users remember to send sensitive data through secure channel only.

Microsoft Puts Faith in Partners

Before the wrap, Guggs had taken a few minutes to instruct the partners on his vision of success in the changing world of clouds and AI.

He opened by saying that technology is just a tool.

AI, blockchain, virtual reality are only there to serve a purpose and not for the sake of hype. At the end of the day, the team must have a goal and a unique viewpoint which underpin the execution. Steve Guggenheimer’s three keys to success remain the same as they always have been:

‘Great people, great ideas, great execution.’

Once you check all three boxes it is only a matter of building great partnerships.

Steve’s words served as great encouragement for the entire StealthMail team as all three of these keys have been at the core of StealthMail since day one.


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