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StealthMail Is Invited To Participate In The Regional Cyber Resilience Forum During Moldova’s Cyber Week 2019

StealthMail Is Invited To Participate In The Regional Cyber Resilience Forum During Moldova’s Cyber Week 2019

On November 19-20 the Regional Cyber Security Forum is going to take place within the 7th edition of “Moldova Cyber ​​Week 2019” in Chisinau, Moldova. 

The Forum is organized by the Technical University of Moldova, and held under the patronage of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration.

The main goal of the Cyber Resilience Forum is to help organizations worldwide stay informed about the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, learn to recognize threats and resist modern cyber-attacks.

This Forum will bring together up to 200 participants ranging from public agencies, institutions, business communities, diplomats, and researchers to reputable experts of world-recognized IT companies: Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, Bitdefender, and many others.

Evgen Verzun, CTO of StealthMail, as a speaker at Panel Presentation on Emerging trends in Cybersecurity: The Threats Landscape, Evolution, Opportunities and Cybersecurity Challenges, will provide his expertise on the anatomy of Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks, IoT vulnerabilities, and human error risks.

In his speech, Evgen is going to outline threats of corporate espionage and data mining, and show how to mitigate business security risks by implementing cybersecurity solutions. Evgen will discuss the challenges companies are facing nowadays in securing their confidential information in particular, and cyberspace in general.

Minimizing the impact of the human factor when working with email will be covered as well. Also, Evgen will share the principles which StealthMail team successfully applies in their solutions to ensure cybersecurity for enterprises. 

Guided by those core criteria, Evgen with a team of professionals designed and developed StealthMail, a software solution aimed to protect sensitive email information.  

To learn more about StealthMail, please download datasheet at https://StealthMail.com/en/info.


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