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State-of-the-Art Enterprise Outlook Protection Is Finally Here

State-of-the-Art Enterprise Outlook Protection Is Finally Here

When we think of enterprises, we assume that they are so far and above us, mere mortals; that they’re impenetrable, invincible, and untouchable.

They hover around so high that we can’t wrap our minds around how they can be attacked and how their flight can take a nose-dive dip.

We may not know how they are taken down, but we surely see their “crashes” in the news. Sometimes they even land directly on us!

More Money – More Problems

Prestige is the shadow of money and power; practice shows that big shadows attract a lot of criminally minded individuals. They have no fear in the face of big-time businesses, and they attack without hesitation.

They want to get their hands on the big scalp for a plethora of reasons.

Financial motives come first, but recognition of the public also matters to those who break the law. It defies all logic, but breaking the protective layer of the enterprise’s perimeter isn’t harder than completing a “boss fight” in most of the action-packed computer games.

They do it just because they can.

Many high-ranking companies have a solid protection setup, but hackers just don’t care. Not because they possess some out-of-this-world skills, but because they are targeting something else. Something so trivial that it is often left without protection.


Every company has a populated email system, and the bigger it is – the higher are the chances of intrusion. Big companies tend to employ lots of workers, which gives hackers more potential targets. Hackers attacked five out of six enterprises targeting emails, and an annual Increase of this break-in strategy stands at 40%.

How Can I Protect My Enterprise?

Those targets are often poached, in all senses of that word.

Spear phishing is the dullest method of email trespassing, yet it works. Spear phishing email asks a worker of the enterprise for login information that would allow entry to those who should-not-pass. As this attack relies heavily on human mistake, this way of intrusion is seemingly timeless.

People make mistakes all the time, especially in the world as new as the online one.

It starts with one person, then spreads to others until the whole structure is infected. It’s like a sickness, except the symptoms are not as evident.

Cyber-attacks expose companies by “spilling out their beans”, or confidential data if you like. The bigger the company – the more clients it has.

It is scary to even imagine the monetary numbers those hackers generated by engaging in this no-good activity of stealing and selling personal details on the dark web.

Even Law Firms are Powerless in the Wake of Online Burglars

Data breach of Cravath Swaine & Moore and Weil Gotshal & Manges law firms is a great example of how vulnerable the “big boys” can be.

After getting access to the law firms’ emails by relaying messages from their business partners, hackers found out about the upcoming merger of both entities and used the stolen information for their trading strategies.

The “submission hold” was gentle and lasted for 94 days. They were pretty lucky, as companies take 206 days on average to detect a data breach. A true CISO and CEO nightmare!

Within that time, hackers stole 7 gigabytes of data, which would stand for tens or hundreds of thousands of emails. All sources claim in one voice that the breach was initiated by the Chinese government, as their style resembled other break-in methods which involved US companies.

Theft of emails is a sensitive issue for data-heavy law firms that built their reputation on confidentiality and discretion, but it can also be detrimental to other enterprises. You don’t want to lose your reputation, do you?

It would be a shame if you had to kiss your business goodbye after all the hard work.

No “Phishing Allowed” with Advanced Email Threat Protection

The Homeland Security Chief Jeh Johnson described phishing as the top hacking threat facing the country. Sadly, the spread of this problem transcends the national scale. It took over the worldwide web and crawls like a poisonous spider!

Spear phishing is, of course, the most popular way of getting hold of your email’s private data, and when the problem is so wide-spread, solution follows.

There are plenty of solutions that could work in the ideal world, but all of them have their “buts”.

All but one. One that truly deserves to be called the enterprise email phishing protection solution #1.

Introducing StealthMail email security solution that is based on end-to-end encryption of letters and a patented, never-seen-before way of handling sensitive data. StealthMail practically overturned the usual way of sending emails and trail-blazed the way for users around the globe.

Enterprise Solution for Outlook Email That Will Save You Millions

StealthMail doesn’t send the valuable enterprise digital assets via unsafe “vehicles” of SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), and it gives you full control over the sensitive content. The data remains with you in encrypted form, before getting stored on a cloud of your company.

You have full control over the keys to your encrypted letters. What would be the sense of storing your info in a 3rd party storage if they can look at those emails anytime? End-to-end encryption and the implementation of digital signatures nullifies the possibility of the imposter trick, as only verified people can get decryption keys.

Your emails will be invisible, and it’s not a fancy expression. Because of being encrypted and traveling through protected channels, your emails get out of the view of internet residents!

What’s even better – the management of the solution is seamless, as it doesn’t require integration in your existing IT infrastructure.

StealthMail is an enterprise solution for Outlook that comes to you as an add-in. You can keep using Outlook email for business and be confident in your safety! (A desktop and a mobile app are also available.)

This email security solution gives you superior user experience and total protection from hack attacks. StealthMail’s roots grow from a military background and expand to the Internet’s business sector to give your enterprise spear-proof protection.

The reputation of your enterprise is in your hands. Let StealthMail guard you with advanced email threat protection outlook – get a free consultation about this ultimate email security software today!


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