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StealthMail Approved by the Mongolian Government Agency

Mongolian Government Agency Chooses StealthMail To Protect Its Email Communication

StealthMail email security solution is chosen by the Mongolian government to ensure the security and integrity of its email correspondence, threatened by state-sponsored hacking groups.

San Francisco, CA, February 26th, 2020. StealthMail, an email security and telecommunications company has won the tender to protect the email communication of the Mongolian government – one of the most demanding clients in the Eastern Asia region.

Although email is still the main communication channel for government and business correspondence, this method of data transferring is extremely vulnerable and unsafe in terms of preserving confidential information. Email’s situation pushes the majority of businesses and national agencies to take action to protect their most invaluable resource against the threats of BEC/EAC scams, man-in-the-middle attacks, phishing.

StealthMail uses advanced encryption algorithms, patented methods of data scrambling, splitting and mixing. The solution directs obfuscated data packets through random nodes of the cloud server deployed in the company. Thanks to this technology, data stays encrypted both at rest and in transit, becoming available only to verified and authenticated users, who have complete control over their email content.

The use of this solution will help the state agency to better protect sensitive information sent via email, reduce the impact of the human factor while handling confidential information, and mitigate known vulnerabilities of traditional email communication. The solution will also allow the government to comply with stringent privacy regulations.

Using this approach, governmental authorities and businesses can become the sole owners of their content, having the opportunity to revoke access (restrict forwarding, copying, replying, taking a screenshot) from the content of any email at any point in time.” – explains Evgen Verzun, Chief Technical Officer of StealthMail.

We were spending too much time resolving email incidents, which are just too many to handle. With StealthMail we finally can concentrate on productivity and let it handle the security. This is perfect for us.” – shares the Head Of Security, Government.

About StealthMail

StealthMail is operating as a Microsoft One Commercial Partner and is dedicated to providing support to the government and enterprise sectors. StealthMail Team has been developing secure and mission-critical solutions over the last 14 years.

The team has applied its knowledge and experience in the regions where they have been most needed. It has developed and implemented telecommunication systems for emergency services, which bring together police, fire, and ambulance control centers to coordinate joint actions; developed and implemented professional communication systems for police forces, paramedics, fire services, and port authority services for TETRA (Professional Mobile Radio) devices that support end-to-end encryption. The team also invented the Secure Dynamic Communication Network and Protocol.

For more information about StealthMail, please visit StealthMail.com.

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