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Advanced Email Encryption Is a Down-To-Earth Solution of Your Cybersecurity Problems

Advanced Email Encryption Is a Down-To-Earth Solution of Your Cybersecurity Problems

Rejecting knowledge about security served on you on a silver platter is the equivalent of having your head in the clouds.

We’re not living in a perfect world where everything is based on honesty, integrity, and respect. We must know where the danger hides.

People are lying, cheating, and stealing constantly. In the world wide web they are deemed as hackers.

These people are no saint, but they do like to throw people from cloud nine if they deserve it. Speaking of those who soar in the air…

British Airways Hack Triggers GDPR. HARD!

British Airways swallowed a tough pill in the first week of September, when 380,000 BA passengers were troubled by data breach.

Personal data that included passenger names and home addresses, their financial information, credit card numbers, expiry dates and CVV codes, have been compromised.

British Airways do not disclose how exactly they were hacked, but we all know very well that 96% of social cyber attacks target emails because of their SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) vulnerability. With SMTP data travels through 3rd party servers in plain text, making breach a real possibility.

The data breach as itself is not the end of the world, but the things fraudsters can do with it is a subject for another discussion.

Not only they can make purchases for money from your own pocket, but they can also resell that information for more targeted attacks. That is why you need to send secure emails through protected channels of communications.

Are You Willing to Pay That Price?

CEO Alex Cruz confessed that this incident was the first sophisticated cyber-attack on his company in 20 years.

Yes, sometimes it is possible to not be a victim for so long, which only shows you that “your turn will come” if you don’t protect the place where your sensitive data is stored – your very own email.

If you are not worried about your own protection, think about the fact that GDPR can cost your company up to 4% of global revenues, which stands for a whopping $646 million fine. That’s hefty to say the least and you don’t want to join BA as a second big-sized company to fall in the pit of regulations that were intact since May of 2018.

Other CEOs can rejoice because there’s just a way to kill two birds with one stone – protect the data and become GDPR compliant.

Superior Email Security Solution

Who wants to “travel via airlines” anyway, when you can cover the same distance in a much better environment, let’s say a “private jet”?

With StealthMail email security solution you can get the content of your emails from a protected, guest-free channel that will put your contact with public internet to a minimum.

The encryption makes things even trickier for outsiders as it stirs up the content of your email and puts some junk files in there to make it unrecognizable. The crypto link is the only thing that can be overtaken, but it’s absolutely useless on its own.

Client based email encryption is a smart way of protecting your sensitive data because the content of the email cannot be processed by a third party, and the content itself doesn’t leave the perimeter of your company being stored on a cloud or your company’s own server.

Email Security and Encryption for Users and Email Recipients

StealthMail grants an end-to-end encryption for users and email recipients and your subscription will give you secure way of communication within and outside of your company.

StealthMail is a private jet of email privacy and data protection, it is a Boeing of email security, it really is. This user friendly email encryption service brings you upper echelon user experience, gives you comfort and security worthy of your company’s status and makes things so much easier.

You don’t have to spend hundreds of millions to keep it working, but StealthMail can save your company that sum by protecting your confidential information from hack-happy hunters. It is quick and easy to use. Also this business email security solution doesn’t require a complicated integration into your company’s IT infrastructure at all.

Microsoft Outlook Add-in Encryption Is Up for Grabs

You are always welcome to join the secured top class of our followers. Just schedule a one-on-one free consultation with us that doesn’t obligate you to anything. Visit StealthMail.com to get started today.


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