End-to-End Encryption for Outlook

Messages sent with StealthMail are encrypted on device, in transit and stored in encrypted form in the protected cloud.

StealthMail end-to-end encryption
StealthMail encryption key ownership

Encryption Key Ownership

Encryption keys are owned exclusively by the client company. Neither Microsoft, nor StealthMail can access secure content.

Shared Data Control

Restrict the recipient’s ability to reply, forward, copy & print secure emails or completely revoke all access to email content and its attachments.

StealthMail Office 365 screenshot

Powerful User Management

The Officer Tool allows to monitor user activity, events and devices, manage access and mitigate human error.

StealthMail Deployed Under 2 Hours

Deployed Under 2 Hours*

StealthMail is quickly and easily deployed in Azure Cloud without affecting existing email infrastructure.

*On average. Depending on your domain registrar, it may take up to 72 hours for your domain to be verified.

Shortcomings of Traditional Email Communication

  • Encryption is performed only on the server side.
  • TLS-secure connection only, which doesn’t encrypt email data in transit and at rest.
  • SMTP threat — email content is sent in plain text through open mail relays.
  • Your сompany does not control encryption keys.
  • Email infrastructure does not identify senders.
  • Traditional email violates a number of data privacy regulations.

Advantages of StealthMail Email Security

  • Key generation is performed on an end-user device.
  • TwoFish256 for data transfer and AES256 encryption for data storage makes emails secured in transfer and at rest.
  • SMTP is only used to transfer a cryptographic link that carries no useful information.
  • Your company controls and manages encryption keys.
  • Device fingerprinting prevents unauthorized access.
  • Legal compliance (GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, ITAR, PCI DSS, CCPA).

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